Network Attached Storage – An Alternative Choice To Tape Back-up

Companies have used tape to assist their data because the beginning of computing. Tape has its own limitations, however it was less expensive compared to alternatives, so its use ongoing.

Today, everything is altering. The cost of disk storage originates lower dramatically and also the performance, durability and employ characteristics of disk are far better than tape. Consequently, many companies are searching to escape from tape for his or her backup and disaster recovery needs.

The important thing needs of the ideal backup plan are:

o It should be economical. Considerable amounts of information have to be covered (because of the have to keep multiple versions from the data), but oftentimes the information should never be utilized. Its contribution towards the company’s main point here only comes when the information is needed, otherwise, it’s an unnecessary expense.

o It should be reliable within the lengthy term. Some data should be stored for lengthy amounts of time, possibly decades in certain situations, to satisfy regulatory and small business. In the event that information is ever needed it should be readable and accessible. When tape sits unused for any lengthy period, it will get brittle and it is vulnerable to breaking and knowledge loss.

o It should be fast and simple to setup and operate. Back-up home windows are becoming tighter because the hrs of operation increase and the quantity of data keeps growing. Consequently, the rate from the backup is crucial. When the backup process could be automated, human errors and charges are reduced.

o Restoring data, either individual files or perhaps a whole system, should be quick, simple and easy , reliable. Today, it will take a lengthy time for you to retrieve tapes using their offsite storage. Data on tape is stored sequentially so use of specific records could be cumbersome. Studying the tapes could be problematic when the tape now has wrinkles, brittle or distorted. All of this uses precious IT sources that might be better spent elsewhere. Disk storage has none of those issues.

The NAS Approach

With prices within the $2 per GB range, Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are quickly becoming the perfect, cost-effective back-up solution.

o Disk-to-Disk bandwith speeds far exceed individuals of conntacting tape, so more data could be supported a lot sooner.

o Disk storage has greater durability than tape, therefore the data will probably be there and accessible when it’s needed.

o Random use of data on disk time saving when attempting to revive specific files.

o NAS products are independent, complete systems that connect straight to your network so that they don’t impact other systems.

o Tape rotation schemes are possible with disk-based systems and complicated ones can eliminate duplicate files for additional compact storage.

o For smaller sized levels of data, removable hard drives mounted in hot-swap enclosures can offer an aggressive alternative for offsite data storage.

o Obtaining a NAS system in another office and backing up within the network supplies a fast, automated remote backup. In case of a tragedy, the backup product is immediately prepared to part of for rapid recovery and business continuity.

Many companies are applying a staged approach, where an onsite NAS provides fast backups and restores for servers and workstations. Then, to organize for any disaster that destroys or prevents accessibility primary office, the information is instantly replicated to some second NAS at another location. For quickly altering and very important data, the on-site and off-site systems could be established to mirror one another, to ensure that little if any information is lost if disaster should strike.

There’s some other reasons for deploying a NAS system. By accomplishing multiple goals, the NAS could be even simpler to warrant. These include:

o Additional finish user storage. Centralized storage is simpler to assist than data stored on the majority of finish user systems.

o Well suited for central repositories for workgroup or departmental data that must definitely be shared.

o Regulation compliance, for example email retention needs for HIPAA or Sarbannes-Oxley.

Even though you decide to not abandon tape backup entirely, use a NAS like a rapid staging server to collect the information using their company systems rapidly on your backup window. Then allow the NAS feed the information towards the tape unit without having to worry time constraints. This is called disk-to-disk-to-tape backup.

Network Attached Storage systems are rapidly becoming the most well-liked data discussing, management and backup solution for enterprise applications and database environments.

Choosing NAS data recovery would always depend on your existing system and how you want to support changing technology. When you agree that you should leverage technology advancements then you would always be benefitted with the recovery services opted by you.