Might Pc Repair: I Can Not Reach My Banking Pages Any longer

This can be a prevalent problem that happens on all websites that make use of the https:// in the site address. I’ve come across this issue solely on computer systems which are using Norton Internet Security Software or Norton Firewall.

The issue comes from corruption within the Norton software. Just un-install the program after which re-install. It has fixed my clients problems 100% of times.

On the web, your pc conveys along with other computer systems through ports. Think about a port like a conduit through which computer systems send information backwards and forwards to one another. Within the situation of http:// versus https://, the https:// conveys on the different port.

The http:// communications on port 80 the default port for those Internet traffic. However, you will find niche sites and pages that require to operate more safely for example https:// which conveys on port 443. For reasons uknown, the Norton software becomes corrupt after which blocks traffic on port 443. You typically will get “Page Not Found” error once the port is blocked.

You may even encounter this issue when you’re utilizing a computer at different locations. Say for example, you are able to achieve a specific site while surfing in your own home however, whenever you attempt to achieve that very same site from the location at the office, you receive the “Page Not Found” error. The reason behind this issue is generally because corporate security has blocked the specific port you are attempting to gain access to. All webpages can’t be arrived at on port 80 even when they aren’t secure (https://) sites.

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