Microsoft Great Flat lands Partner Selection: Overview

Microsoft Great Flatlands, Navision, Solomon and Axapta are Microsoft Business Solutions ERP programs, serving towards the whole spectrum of vertical and horizontal marketplaces. Presuming that you have one of these simple systems installed and implemented we wish to provide you with – IT director, Database Administrator, Programmer, Software Developer, Controller your choices in supporting/improving Microsoft Great Flatlands for the company

It is good idea to set up everything by yourself – however Great Flatlands requires mixture of computer networking, some programming, good accounting/distribution/logistics/confirming background – so it’s not really a surprise that Microsoft Business Solutions requires their clients to possess specifically assigner Microsoft Great Flatlands Partner/VAR/Merchant for everyone the account.

First Scenario. Because of the current recession your former MBS partner went bankrupt, departing you without support and also you lapsed in payment annual enhancement fee. This is extremely common scenario – actually Microsoft Business Solutions introduced direct estimating towards the the likes of yours – simply to insure you have a choice to pay for this needed maintenance fee. In cases like this – you can’t get latest versionOrmigration tool, etc. before you get the company reinstated in MBS enhancement program. What you ought to do is these:

1. Find reasonably affordable MBS partner and change to it as being your MBS VAR – it’s very easy to modify your VAR – you compose the letter stating that you’d like to change to company ABC as the MBS VAR, sign it and fax for your new VAR.

2. MBS Promotions – Microsoft has promotion programs for orphans much like your company to become re-enrolled into annual enhancement program, usually with small additional charge, for instance in October 2004 you can get your reinstatement for 25Percent from the software list cost (normal cost is 16%)

Second Scenario. You have to migrate from Pervasive SQL/ctree to Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE. You are able to proven fact that Microsoft made the decision to breach hire Pervasive Software and prevent supporting Microsoft Great Flatlands 7.5 and earlier versions on Pervasive SQL 2000. You have to migrate to MS SQL Server As soon as possible – or else you will be from support

1. As with the very first scenario – choose your MBS partner or request you old partner to provide you with the quote on Migration tool (k$1.5-k$2)

2. Migrate by yourself – or send your computer data to migration specialist – your lover may provide these types of services – normal cost is 8 hrs of talking to fee

Third Scenario. You’ve couple of Great Flatlands Skill, VBA, SQL custom remaking and want upgrade as well as your former GP merchant isn’t supplying personalization upgrade services (because of the truth that all designers were let go in the past)

1. Locate personalization partner. Usually are looking for small nation-wide VAR, who serves you via remote support. Change to this partner

2. Request for personalization analysis – the majority of the old personalization pieces ought to be migrated to technology, like Skill to SQL and Very Reviews, web posting, eConnect, etc. Do not pay for upgrade “out of the box” – you’ll lock yourself using the problems

Also handful of hints about how can you switch the partner. It’s really less complicated than it may seem – you simply send for your new suggested partner the letter in free format saying that you’d like to change for you as my Microsoft Business Solutions partner – which is it.

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