Important Questions to Ask a Web Designer

No matter the size of your company, in today’s global marketplace you need an effective website that delivers the right message to potential clients. Websites are important tools that serve as the face of your business and are the first impression that a potential client will have of your company. Hiring a team of web design professionals that is well-trained and experienced will assure you that your web pages are attractive, functional, and competitive. Before you make a decision about which web design team to use, make a list of questions to ask the two or three finalists who are all vying for your work. Let’s review some of the most important questions that should be on your list.

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  • One of the first questions that you should pose to the companies that you are meeting is to see examples of their work. Take a look at their portfolio so that you can begin to see their level of creativity and how they approach the task of designing websites for various companies. Seeing what they are capable of doing can be one of the deciding factors that you use to make your final selection of the web design team that will work for your company.
  • You should also ask about getting the names of some clients for whom the web design company has worked in the past so that you can see how well the designers worked, how satisfied the client was with the end result, and if they would recommend using the team for your job.


  • With today’s consumer being constantly on the go, it’s important that your website be mobile-friendly; clients are ordering from Smart Phones and other mobile devices and your web pages must interface with this technology to keep your business competitive. Also ask if the web design team will incorporate social media platforms and blogs which are current trends for companies to use in their marketing strategies.
  • Ask about the range of services that the web design team can provide to you; you will be able to review some of the options that are available to business owners at Once you have made a final decision about which team of website designers you want to use, you can begin to discuss, online marketing, web and brand design, and the approach that will be used to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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With design trends constantly changing, it’s imperative that you establish a working relationship with a reputable web design team that can keep your company competitive with the latest technology, SEO strategies, and features that make your web pages engaging. In today’s economy, you as a business owner must use every tool in your marketing toolkit to advance your company and increase your business in the marketplace. By connecting with clients whenever and wherever they may be, your company will become a powerful player with clients searching for quality goods and services that they need.