How To Create Stylish Photos Through Unusual Effects

Photography is a huge subject that can be mastered though huge practice and experience. It is a trend these days togive a photo effect to the images. This is the Lomo Effect that styles the photos with oversaturated colours as well as prismatic effects. This concept is in great demand because the traditional photographers used to avoid such effects as they did not believe in the photo effect. This kind of photography is called as lomography and is enjoyed and appreciated by those who enjoy something unusual in the photos.The photos become unique with colouring and high contrast. The reproduction of colours sometimes become improper and blurry that is corrected through this type of photo effect.

Quick tips to photoshop

  • First and foremost what you need to photoshop your photos through Lomo Effect is a good photo. You can create a strong Vignette effect with this photo. This can be done by adding a gradient fill of adjustment layer. This has to set with a blend of mode to soft light.
  • The photos can be made stylish by adding a gradient overlay layer which can be easily done by few settings. This whole thing done will create a nice vignette and the photos will look better with a brighter center.
  • The photos in lomography can be cross proc This means that the colour film is developed in a completely different chemical. This effect will be different from what was planned or intended earlier. This can be explained as if the colour film of 35mm is developed in chemicals then the slide film that is created will have an unusual colouring.
  • The technique of cross processing can be used in photoshop to produce bright colours. This would be more interesting if you view the colours developed through lomography are really attractive.
  • In Lomography the photographers can also create new curves in the adjustment layer. They will not have to follow any particular rules to make these curve settings. The photographer has the freedom to adjust the channels separately. But you are also free to choose something that will look different to set a mark of creativity.
  • You may want to blur the entire photo except the focal point. You can easily do this by copying the original photo layer and then choosing the filter. There is no need to worry about the settings as you can create blur as much as you want with the help of filters. The unwanted part can be removed with a mask.