Guest Blogging Still Works with SEO

Guest posting is truly an excellent way to drive traffic, grow your brand and increase sales. But many SEO experts say t hat it is becoming spammy. Thus, certain companies email all bloggers they can find to ask to guest post. The reason it is possible for guest posting may not work the same way they used to as companies try to submit guest posts on irrelevant blogs. In fact, they publish low quality content.

When it comes to using a guest posting service to rank for certain head terms, it will not be a great long-term strategy. However, if you make use of it to help you in building up your brand, overall sales and referral traffic, it will always be a good strategy.

Guest Blogging Still

Blog Owners Cracking down on Guest Posters

A number of bloggers these days can get links from high authority sites. This is possible by applying for guest author accounts. Some of them have “instant publish” accounts which means that their guest posts get automatic approval without being reviewed by an editor. But bigger blogs have started to crack down on this because of the publication of too spam on their blogs. Many of them already required blogs to be reviewed by their editors. Because of this, getting links from guest posting websites will not be easy. Thus, bloggers will have to take the time and create high quality content which is relevant and not stuffed with links.

Cracking on Guest Posters

Guest Posting Along with SEO

Guest posting is still helpful with rankings. As you need to avoid the use of rich anchor text and just link to your site if it benefits the readers, it would not be easy to rank for head terms as you could before. However, the links are still helpful to the overall authority of your site and increase your long-tail traffic. If you wish to play safe with guest posting, consider the following tips.

  • Just post on relevant blogs– Such blogs must also be bigger than your blog. Thus, you guest post to help with traffic, branding and sales. Posting on larger and relevant blogs will offer you more great exposure than posting on unknown and small blogs.

Guest Posting Along with SEO

  • Do not use rich anchor text– Using rich anchor text can result in getting your site penalized especially if you build such links through your guest posts.
  • Don’t forget to link– You don’t just focus on your site if you want it to grow, Always link out to any site that is beneficial to your readers.

  • Establish an authority rank– As Google Plus becomes more famous, Google can easily identify your excellence and quality as a writer. Thus, you need to concentrate on publishing valuable content only because you surely don’t wish crap to be tied to your writer’s account.
  • Co-citations are essential– Even if you fail to get a link from guest posts, having your website cited in an article is already helpful with your rankings. Google might be more focused on co-citations in the coming years.