Content writing tips

Content is one of the most important things for almost any website. So the problem of writing proper content is familiar to any website owner. Of course there are different rules and ways of creating content for different kinds of websites. Let’s take a look at some general tips for writing proper content that will be both interesting and SEO-friendly.

  • There is one golden rule for absolutely any content – it should be interesting for the reader! Because indeed that’s what users look for when surfing the web. Interesting content should be your primary goal if you want your website to gain respect, ranking and devoted users. Before writing anything think what would be interesting for you to read about. Take the reader’s place and let your interest lead the process.
  • Structure your text – divide it into paragraphs with headings and try to make marked list of essential conclusions or article essential points. It’s always boring seeing large texts without any gaps and indexes of what you are going to read about. Most people usually just read through paragraphs headings to decide whether the article is interesting or not, so pay close attention to this component. Also it won’t hurt to highlight the most important thoughts you are putting in your text.


  • Place keywords properly. There should be one keyword at the beginning of the article and one or two just anywhere they fit into text. There’s no need to put it in every paragraph, it’s even undesirable. If you put in too many keywords near to each other your content will be over optimized and probably banned by search engines. Try also to make them look natural in the text, because first of all it is humans who are going to read it, not engines.
  • Make conclusions

After looking through article structure users usually read the conclusion – if they like it there’s a chance that they will be interested in reading the entire article to learn how you came to your deductions. So take your time to draw up conclusion that will catch reader’s attention.

  • Insert images and media – we are wired to learn some information better through visual aids. It’s always better to have some visual accompaniment when you’re delivering some information. Infographics is especially good for this purpose, but it’s not that easy to design and really good infographics takes professional designer work. Beside this you can use images and video in your content to make it more attractive and vivid.

Insert images media

  • Don’t write about the things you don’t know for sure

If you’re writing about something you’re not good at don’t try to look smarter than you are. It’s better to avoid the topic rather than writing falsism. If you’re providing any data or facts spend some time to make sure you took it from a reliable source.

  • Edit your writing

Check your work for spelling mistakes and syntax. The worst you can do is spoiling your work with spelling mistakes which is not really attractive for any reader. Revise moments you doubt about, in the end your work should look top notch to you.

These are the general content writing tips that will help you if you don’t know where to start or how to draw the concept. Of course it looks easy on the paper but it’s pretty often that you have a stunning idea and a good concept but you just can express it with words. In that case it’s better to delegate the task to professionals like giving them idea of what you want and enjoy par excellence content written for you.