Boosting SEO With AI

AI or artificial intelligence really does seem to be everywhere. Some of the sectors and industries that have gone through significant changes and progress because of AI are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Computer sciences.
  • Robotics and so on.

Obviously then, SEO cannot be far behind. Google is already harnessing the immense power of AI to enhance the way people and machines search for information. Companies such as Microsoft and the social media giant Facebook are also getting onto the bandwagon. Here is what the power of AI means for the search industry.

Boosting SEO With AI

Control of systems

Artificial intelligence is being used by Google to deal with daily queries. Machine intelligence is helping companies to deal with implementing self-learning systems. It is basically all about processing a large number of search results every single day. This kind of machine intelligence scans the search queries typed in by people all over the world and chooses or ranks the pages that it deems to be the most popular or best in quality. This artificial intelligence system is known as RankBrain.

Obviously, all of this simply means that there are huge implications for the SEO marketer.

It is all about the concept

If you were to think of RankBrain or any other artificial intelligence system in the future as a kind of an algorithm that a search engine uses, then you would be better equipped to deal with the changes it brings. Perhaps the one important thing really would be the shift away from the use of keywords; which sometimes may not even make much sense; to the use of ideas and concepts. This simply means that the website owner should think of the use of information that will project him or his company as an industry expert.

Ranking signals

One huge component of using artificial intelligence for search management is ranking signals. This simply means that many other factors are going to come in your website ranking. Some of these factors could be:

  • The type of content that is available on your website.
  • The physical location of a user.
  • The search history of a user and so on.

Of course the important thing to remember here is that this is very much ‘a work in progress’and it is quite likely that the parameters change quite considerably in the near future.

Undeniably, the use of sophisticated machine intelligence will certainly have an impact on search engine optimization.