A Quick SEO Checklist for Your Dublin E-Commerce Business

With the rise of e-commerce sites and online stores operating out of Dublin businesses, each business owner needs to understand how to maximise their site for optimum success in the Dublin market and further afield. E-commerce is not a sure-fire, get-rich-quick scheme for a business. Setting up an online store and running it successfully requires a lot of effort and ingenuity. And in particular, standing out in the rankings is crucial for driving custom to your Dublin-based e-commerce store. Here’s what you need to know about SEO when you are selling online.

E-Commerce Business

Get Your Keywords Right

It is highly important to focus on keywords as they are still relevant in today’s SEO climate. When you choose non-relevant keywords your conversion rates drop off. Choose keywords that are too competitive and you don’t get any hits. But choose longtail keywords that are highly specific and you may see more action.

Build a Blog

You will have a tough time attracting traffic to your e-commerce site if you do not have a relevant blog. Keep the blog frequently updated and use your keyword strategy on the blog as well as the shopping site. Make the blog part of your main domain so that you get the benefit of traffic to the blog for the whole of the site.

Seek Expert Advice

Fortunately, when you are looking for help with seo Dublin offers a good selection of experts. Of course, you need to find an expert that suits your needs but you shouldn’t be afraid to bring in outside help if you are unsure how well your site is optimised for search engines. Spending some time and money figuring out your SEO strategy with professionals is time and money well spent.

Effective On-Page Optimisation

Focus on different elements on the page where you use keywords for ranking purposes. For example, the product name should have descriptive wording, and there should be a clean URL for each product. Images should be optimized and you should link to important product pages from the home page.

Build Your Links

It can be more difficult for e-commerce sites than others to get links coming into the site and even trickier if you do not have a blog. Find out about effective strategies to get sites to link to your site. Local Dublin business organisations, for example, or Dublin networking groups in your field.

Build Your Links

Add Supplementary Content

For better rankings, add content that is not main content or ads, for example product reviews, or product ratings. This helps search engines class the site as high quality and informative for users.

Be Mobile Friendly

It is essential that your site is optimized for mobile use seeing as mobile search is fast overtaking desktop search among users in developed countries like Ireland. Optimise your website for mobile and you will see the difference in ranking success and SEO achievement.