A Functional Writer’s Website: Publish, Promote and Profit?

If you are a web-based author, you need to certainly consider creating a website.

Possibly you have been considering it, however, you possess some questions regarding the procedure… This information will assistance to point you within the right direction and supply solutions to questions like:

Why wouldn’t you produce a site?

What in the event you feature in your site?

How can you get began?

Who are able to you turn to for good examples?

Where are you able to find assets on the internet?

Authors should produce a web site to tell the planet they exist! Your personal special place on the web can provide visitors, marketers, companies, other authors and prospects a glimpse to your world. Features in your site may include:

Your resume

References (with names, game titles, addresses, telephone numbers and/or email contacts)

A listing of the services (which kind of writing you need to do – creative, newspaper, academic, medical, business, marketing, pr etc.)

A sampling of the writing (full text articles, reviews and/or features formerly released or readily available for free publication)

Links for your documents on the internet (focus on other websites – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, commentary or any other contributions)

A choice for audiences to gain access to your documents via email autoresponder (see page recommended below for where you’ll get one free of charge – these websites will explain using auto responders too!)

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