5 Useful Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Smart phones have become a very important part of people’s life. These devices tend to be very costly and one should extract maximum usage out of them.However, while undertaking online shopping, many buyers do not realize this at a nascent stage.So here are 5 useful Android tips and tricks you should know about your phone-

  1. Disable App Notifications-

Online Shopping in India is becoming very prominent because it is convenient. But it is very annoying when you are doing something extremely important and then suddenly notifications related to shopping or any other applications pop up. This also drains your phone’s battery. If your phone has Jelly Bean 4.1, you can easily turn off the notifications by following these steps-

Press unwanted notification for long. A message box will appear.

Tap on App Info > Untick Show Notifications > OK.

  1. Disable Mobile Data-

You can easily reduce your mobile bill by preventing the wastage of mobile data. Do this when you don’t need to stay connected. This also helps you to save on precious battery power. Here is how you turn off mobile data-

Going to Settings > Data Usage.

Disable Mobile data by sliding the small bar from ON to OFF

  1. Set Mobile Data Limit-

If you want to keep track of how much mobile data you have consumed, this feature is going to help you a lot. It will ensure that you don’t exceed your monthly limit.

Settings > Data Usage

Set your data limit by dragging the orange line to your monthly quota.

Set your data usage cycle based on when the month starts and ends (or whatever you want it to be).

You will be alerted once you hit the limit you have set.

The tracked data usage of your phone will vary from your carrier’s tracking.

  1. Add Multiple Google Accounts-

Most people have multiple Google accounts. It is essential for them to keep all these accounts synced to the phone. So here is how you add multiple Google accounts on your phone.

Go to Settings > Add account.

Select Google and setup your New or Existing Google account.

Next, choose what you want to sync with the account.

  1. Disable automatic App Updates-

Some people find it uncomfortable when an app gets updated without asking for permission. They generally want to read the terms and conditions. Not only that, you also don’t want to lose on the battery.So here is how you should disable automatic app updates-

Open Play Store >Settings.

Tap on Auto-update apps.

Choose Do not auto-update apps.

If you want to enable the auto updates, follow the same path and choose Auto-update apps at any time or via Wi-Fi (available for certain Android devices only).

Once you have disabled the automatic update option you need to know how to update the apps manually. Here is how-

Open Play Store

On the main page swipe in from the left and tap on my apps.

You can tap on apps with pending updates and update them manually, or if you like to update them all at once, just tap on Update All.

Even with update all you get to see the terms and conditions of each app.

So once you buy mobile online make sure you try all these tips.