4 Points from Your Facebook’s Insights That Will Let You Get to Know Your Page Better

You may stumble upon the new invitation to try Facebook’s page insights, so here is a tour that will focus on the more important things that are part of this tour. Instead of going through all the features one after another, here we take you first to the actual purpose that such data sets deliver and then there are tips given so as to guide you on analyzing these data sets, which will further help you improve your posts and interactions on the page.

  • Overview and Navigation: In the beginning, insights would get the much required facelift from all of its previous versions. A good number of sections have also been expanded so that the administrators will be allowed to go through all of the data a lot more in detail. When you look into the overview section that displays just the data from the past one week, you can get a complete overview of the most recent figures for Engagement, Page Likes and reach of post. This is where you know what your fans are doing with your posts and page.

Overview Navigation

  • Setting up the Time Period of Interest: The overview can only give one the stats beginning from the last week, but this particular section will give you a lot more control on the length of the period you are interested in and want to analyze. You will find it on the first section under the Page Likes of ‘Page’. It is rather straightforward when it comes to setting the period to get data from, either through the calendar placed on the right portion of the graph or the horizontal scroller. This data can only go back to about 3 months prior. Apart from this, there are 3 shortcuts just on top of the right scroll: 1 quarter – 1Q, 1 month – 1M and 1 Week – 1W. All the rest of the insights will be reflected to this period that is already set. This data is consistently recorded in the Pacific Time zone. Analyzing the popular periods will allow you to plan how to get facebook fans.

Setting up Interest

  • Popularity of the Page: Whenever there is an increase in the number of likes, the page admin is sure going to be happy. These likes are what translate to number of people who subscribe to your materials and notifications for your services and products. ‘Likes’ is what increases the fan base apart from the reach (more specifically, the fans who ‘share’ your posts).

Popularity Page

  • Page Likes: This section can be found here: PageàPage LikesàTotal Page Likes as of today. This will give you the minor details of how many unlikes or likes your Facebook page has got and the region of these You will also be able to figure out where the shinking fanbase regions are. This chart is quite interactive and has quite a lot to reveal. When you hover your mouse over an area in the graph, you will be able to find the total number of ‘Likes’ for the day. When you click this, you will get a breakdown of where the ‘unlikes’ and ‘likes’ come from.

Page Likes

These points will help you get a clearer, more confident hang of effectively handling your Facebook page.